But do it on a nice day – it will be so much more worth it when you get to the top! I do wish I could have experienced that, but the snow made it worth it. Mt. We routinely hopped to the side to avoid drenching our feet. At 6:40am on a steadily raining Monday morning, we couldn’t believe there was a healthy number of cars already starting to fill-up the street parking. The trail to begin the climb to Moosilauke wraps right around the lodge, so you can be sure to see it from all angles. My last visit to Moosilauke was spent in the fog after an October snow storm. Continue on foot from here if you are hiking. I hiked up on the Gorge Brook Trail that starts at said Ravine Lodge. The summit marker (which looks like a person) is clearly visible from the approaching trail. Others say it really dosen;t matter. … Could there really be hikers already on the trail? If I could describe the descent in one word it would be down. In the case of Moosilauke, three of its sub-peaks are also on the Trailwright's list including Mt Jim (4,172 ft) , Mt Blue (4,529 ft), and South Peak (4,523 ft), guaranteeing that I will be spending a lot of time hiking up Moosilauke this winter and that I'll probably hike every trail on the mountain, which is the point of the Trailwright's list. Moosilauke via the Benton Trail. While the elevation of the area varies, the peak of Mount Moosilauke is 4,802 feet above sea level. Much to my surprise, we summitted 15 minutes later, arriving at the summit marker at 10:15am, only 2.75 hours after starting. Summit via Gorge Brook–Carriage Road Loop. Note: This trail may be extremely dangerous in icy conditions. Black flies hit us for the first time here. We reached the lodge at 12:35, exactly 5 hours and 5 minutes after starting out. We got on the trail by 7:30am. Moosilauke is the Westernmost 4,000 footer in the White Mountains and located in the Kinsman Range. By the time we got on the trail it was raining steadily. Beaver Brook Trail (AT)/Asquam-Ridge Trail (4050'), Jct. Adventure: Mt. We made good time coming down, but it was steep in some parts – causing those of us with poor knees to take our time. Once you make the last turn, you still have 3.1 miles to go! Start on Beaver Brook Trail, which is also part of the Appalachian Trail. I had contemplated my route and was going to hike up Glencliff. To … We stopped for our first real break at the fork to South peak. The mountain itself is high, but so is the starting point, so the total elevation gain is manageable. What’s that you say? Moosilauke is a prominent 4000+ mountain lying significantly west from the main grouping of the White Mountians. We were joined this hike by a familiar face – my uncle’s girlfriend who joined us for our trip up. The trail, looks more like a riverbed and immediately to right after crossing the river. Return via the same route, bearing right at the junction with Benton Trail, and later turning left upon meeting Asquam Ridge Trail. At 6:40am on a steadily raining Monday morning, we couldn’t believe there was a healthy number of cars already starting to fill-up the street parking. Moosilauke via Gorge Brook Trail Getting There: The Gorge Brook Trail leaves from the Dartmouth Outing Club's Moosilauke Ravine Lodge.To get there from Boston, take 1-93 North and get off at exit 32. Winter Hike Mt. I climbed on Sunday and Tuesday too but they were lesser—if perfectly OK—outings. After about 15 minutes of posing for a variety of photos to always remember this special hike, we hunkered down behind the rocks to get ready for the trek back into the woods. Mt. The trail is primarily used for hiking, running, and backpacking. The trail also follows the river for at least 1.2 mile, making for a pleasant but somewhat noisy hike. Opinions differ about this. I love peakbagging, but we’re running out of “short,” not terribly difficult hikes we can reasonably do in the fall before dark. So is Moosilauke hard? It is here where you really feel like the hiking begins. Mostly because it’s listed in the “easy” category if you summit from the Gorge Brook Trail. I was thrilled when my brother said he’d be there to hike Mount Moosilauke, the final 4000, with me as well. If we are going to try to do one better than last fall, we really need to cover some ground, which means peakbagging! Head up the very steep path alongside the beautiful Beaver Brook Cascades. The carriage road especially is a great place for skiing (downhill and crosscountry), snowboarding, snowshoeing, and even sledding. The Gorge Brook Trailhead is located right next to the very impressive, recently rebuilt Moosilauke Ravine Lodge owned and operated by Dartmouth College’s Outing Club (DOC). Until next weekend! After 1.5 miles, a spur trail leads right (in 80 yards) to the Beaver Brook Shelter. The weather report for the day was a light rain in the morning, clearing by 10am. Dogs are also able to use this trail. Arriving at the lodge around 6:40am (after a 2 hour 15 minute drive) we drove straight up the Ravine Rd and took the right at the fork to head into the turnaround where we knew the trailhead began. The lodge has the best “outhouses” I have ever been in, composting toilets that smell pleasantly of wood chips. This didn’t diminish the amount of preparation I did for the hike or the need to take bearings along my approach to check my location. Why did we avoid it all last year? Since I’m in the happy position of being backed up with my posts (happy because it means I’ve done more hiking than reminiscing),… The quick jog down the open fields of the Moosilauke summit and onto the Carriage Trail was a rain-streaked blur. Moosilauke Hike on the Carriage Road On April 19, 2016 April 19, 2016 By careofmon In Hiking Sunday of this past weekend, my husband Jon, Mizpah, and I headed up to NH for a hike.

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