The stages of the RAF’s recruitment process include the following: The application is the RAF’s first impression of the candidate. In order to prepare for this test, revise speed-time calculations and practise doing them in your head or on a piece of paper quickly and accurately. There are five seats and four doors. In this article we will go through those tests and offer tips on how to prepare for them. You are given a challenging scenario and asked to devise a solution. © Practice4Me 2018-2021, All rights reserved. It should be noted that since our inception in 2012, a large number of Royal Air Force candidates have gained benefit from the online preparation software provided by Reduce hiring time up to 40% with an online computer programming aptitude test. There was a problem sending your message. The RAF tests are ridiculous in comparison to the civilian ones I've taken, the RAF can afford to pick the absolute best and the tests are set at that higher level - every test taken assumes that the person taking it may end up a FJ bod. Understand Your Weaknesses Understanding your strengths and weaknesses is beneficial, but go one step further with us and compare your performance against other subscribers for the bigger picture. There will be a number of exercises that must be completed during the exam. You will be required to find alternative codes for a given sequence and will have just four minutes to complete 20 questions. Before forming Psytech Ltd in 1989, they both served in the engineering branch of the Royal Air Force, developing the RAF pilot and aircrew computer based selection system. Computer Aptitude Test Questions Online Quiz for Bank Exams. This stage is very thorough, and the applicant must provide their medical history and be willing to undergo a background check. The RAF test is a part of the selection process for the air force. All answers are in units of time, distance or speed (for example minutes, miles or miles per minute) and in whole numbers. The recruitment process can take up to six months and it examines nearly every aspect of the candidate’s mental capacity, fitness, health, and background. Overseas bases? The RAF are interested in six competencies: When describing your past experience, don't forget to use examples which show your behaviour against the skills the RAF are looking for in your role. The interviewer will talk about the RAF’s purpose, core values, and standards. For example, the RAF has a fantastic housing scheme that helps you to buy your own home, they can even pay your travelling costs to get to work – so you don’t have to live on the RAF base itself if that’s not your thing. An example of topic for discussion: “Has technology made it easier to communicate or has it adversely affected the way we socialise?”. Through the interview, you will be assessed on your manner; speech and power of expression; your activities and interests; physical fitness and potential; your awareness and motivation; and your overall impact. This test is made up of seven parts and designed to be as close to the real exam as possible. Candidates for airmen/ airwomen and the RAF regiment are expected to take the Airman/ Airwoman Selection Test (AST). The final interview mirrors the selection interview. You are not allowed to use a calculator in these tests, so preparing in advance will refresh your skills. Deductive reasoning test - Deductive reasoning tests measure your ability to draw logical conclusions from a set of premises that are known to be true. By using this website, you agree to this use. Taking a test tomorrow? Use the original market-leading preparation programme to enhance your chances of success by focusing on the five key skills required to pass a pilot aptitude test. In order to prepare for an exercise such as this one, read up on how to deal with a case study, as well as JobTestPrep’s advice and tips on how to give a presentation. Some advice for this exercise is to assign roles to different members of the group, so that more information is covered and more than one thing is done at a time. Mrs Shephard said the project was designed not to assess knowledge or skills but aptitude. Taken at RAF Cranwell. To prepare for this type of interview, make sure that you know the job requirements and prepare examples of how you fulfil these requirements. The first part tests your basic maths skills, including fractions and basic math functions. Each section is designed to assess different subjects that are necessary for an air force job. The interviewers are looking for clear and concise answers; they will cut you off if your answer takes too long, so think about how to formulate your answers in the most acceptable way. You are being assessed on how you both lead and work in a team, as well as how you learn from what goes on around you. If now they have 26oz., how much did they have originally? As weightage to aptitude test is 30, the composite score of a dummy subject can be calculated as follows: Some common interview questions for the Royal Air Force include: The health assessment is to ensure that the candidate does not have a condition that could affect their performance or success within the Royal Air Force. Part two of the interview looks at your motivations for joining the RAF, what you know about the RAF, about the military and current affairs. We will contact you shortly. The task is to create a plan to complete the obstacle course and then - execute it. Personnel in the RAF Regiment are usually either Officers or Gunners. There are eight seats and four doors. The RAF OASC test is the first task of a four-day assessment event held at the Officer and Aircrew Selection Centre in Cranwell, Lincolnshire. Over the first 20 minutes, you are expected to analyse the problems and use your calculations to come to a solution on your own. Your role is to speak up for yourself and demonstrate how you listen to discussions and understand what is going on around you. RAF aptitude tests Birmingham Computer Science Aptitude Test + Interview CBAT Info Are Oxford more likely to accept you if you take 4 A Levels rather than 3? Fleur’s beauty products are now offering 35% more shampoo in every bottle. Your message was sent. The test contains 10 questions of varying difficulty. For more tips on how to prepare for an interview, see the JobTestPrep interview preparation pack. The difficult part of a test like this is learning how to identify the pattern. Additional Practice for the British Army Tests. In this set of exercises, you are split into small groups of four or six people. The present status of computer-based selection testing in the RAF is discussed, along with future directions of inquiry. Please try again in a few minutes. Verbal reasoning test - This test measures how strong you are at dissecting and organising language. You have to choose the statement that best fits the information in the text. Airmen/ Airwomen - the majority of RAF personnel are Airmen and Airwomen who work in ground staff roles, including RAF Police, Musicians, Air Cartographers, Logistics Officers, Drivers, Aircraft Technicians and more. Multitasking Test. The programme on offer will contain tailored elements of the practical selection assessments, including leadership and leaderless exercises, and group and individual planning exercises. Royal Air Force Work Rate Tests. The second part tests how you manipulate and interpret numerical data. NCO = Non-commissioned officer. (Officer Selection Interview), What is your view on taking the life of the enemy? The Royal Air Force test, also known as the AST, is an aptitude assessment administered to candidates interested in aerospace and air traffic positions within the armed forces. For the RAF section of the interview, make sure you know: the history of the RAF, recent or past operations and what the RAF currently does.