Aela is a skilled archer and can use one-handed weapons with precision like you’ve never seen. The mod doesn’t really change his speech patterns and it’s shallow at best. You can expedite the waiting period by pressing the "Wait" button (T on PC and "Back" on a controller) and selecting the appropriate number of hours from the current time until around 8:00 AM the following day.If you miss your wedding window, you must find your spouse and apologize to them, then set up a new wedding time with Maramal. The mod, simply titled "Marriable Serana," was created by C0drm0nk33 and is available on NexusMods. Brynjolf is a Nord thief and a member of the Thieves Guild in Riften. Which NPC do you wish was a marriage candidate? 14. I finally found an xbox mod that would allow me to marry Brynjolf but after I went through the whole Thieves Guild questline and married him, it didn’t feel right. Awful! Not to be confused with Brynjolfr, Bjornolfr, or Bjorynolf. Brynjolf, my one and only love. (without mods of course) Personally, I wish I could marry Brynjolf. I have seen similar problems to mine but none exactly the same, and noe of the solutions worked. To your question... without mods you cannot marry Serana Marriable Serana at nexus With mods you can marry her if you play it as described in the mod description. For other uses, see Brynjolf. Not to mention that she knows how to sneak around without being detected. I totally suggest the mod friendly Brynjolf. Aela will then move into your home if asked. After marriage options - hmmm, why can't they live at the Guild, there are plenty of mods out there that add a Guild Masters Quarters to the game that work perfectly fine (I have used them). With this Bryn will become a follower and if, after an initial set-up, you put on an amulet of Mara, quite a bit more. Like...most of the Theives guild folks would be great partners....I get the whole "They're vital to questing" gig. Aela is located at Jorrvaskr in Whiterun. Here are the steps to take if you want to marry Serana: Here it is: I have played through the Thieves Guild quest-line, completing "A Chance Arrangement" and "Taking Care of Business" without trouble. There are mods to add to Serena's dialogue and to help choose which house she will live with you. Brynjolf is currently the second-in-command at the Thieves Guild, below only Mercer Frey, the current Guildmaster. My only issue is with marriage in skyrim to any vanilla npc which is plain silly. Once you complete the questline regarding the Companions you can ask her to marry you. Seriously though, I mod the game just so that I can marry him. had it in skyrim and you know what? How To Add The Mod That Lets You Marry Serana. Individual followers, like Inego are fine, but mods … Fortunately, this is where fan mods come in to pick up the slack and give players what they want. However, you need to have the mod loaded from the START, and eliminate MOST follower overhaul mods. Helps a gal live her fantasies freely. He's such a cutie. Wait outside the temple until the following dawn. Awesome! You can't create a daddy charisma like him and then make him unable to marry. The marriage mod also aims to fix many of the bugs that marriage has in base-game Skyrim, improving little tweaks that you’ll notice as you play with it. I ended up going back to a prior save and didn’t go through with it. Now it doesn’t matter if you want to marry multiple people at once or just make marriage feel better – this is the mod to get. its so much hotter in skyrim too like i had sex in real like once and you know how it felt? Never really understood why most of the NPCs aren't marriage candidates or even followers.