It’s totally normal for a leopard geckos to be licking its nose when you’re handling it or if it’s in a new environment, for example. According to The Leopard Gecko Manual one can dip a cotton swab or a q-tip in some hydrogen peroxide and then gently rub it on the pet leopard gecko (being extremely careful not to get it in or around the eyes) to gently remove the adherent skin. If their skins looks discolored (and they are not shedding), or have blisters or open cuts that is a strong sign that something is wrong with them. When buying a new leopard gecko you should select one that looks healthy and is lively when handled (babies/juveniles should be quite flighty when handled, whereas the adults may be more tolerant of handling but should still be responsive). I am going to take him to the vet, and I am glad I read this because they did not inform me about taking a stool sample. This is oddly a way for them to get used to an area or thing and is normal behavior to experience in all healthy geckos. 7 Reasons and Tips, Normal and Abnormal - Runny, White, Red Crested Gecko Poop. If the infection is not treated, leopard gecko becomes dehydrated and loses a lot of weight. Also, you can wash leopard gecko’s nose with warm camomile tea solution. Help - Health Issues. Hi, I have a leopard gecko that is about 13 years old. Limbs might also break and become swollen. Their tail is losing thickness. Selecting your leopard gecko. It all happened overnight. Repeat until the situation gets better. Use your hand or a small cup to gently pour water over the wound in order to clean it. unsure as to what i do to treat this, i had her for so long with no issues. Why You Should Never Trust A Gecko Fearful Adventurer. If you can see that your leopard gecko’s limbs look soft, weak and without the clearly strong and round knees, then it might be MBD. Leopard Gecko Behavior and Body Language. However, they display a moderate amount of social communication through their body language.They also perform other typical behaviors that can be indicative of their health and well-being. Leopard gecko eggs seem to gather moisture on the outside and collapse in on themselves right before they hatch. To help treat you leopard gecko’s respiratory infection, increase the temperature in the terrarium by 10 degrees F (to 85-88 F). Rehoming. It is also stated that one can moisturize the leopard gecko with thalmic (eye) lubricant lotion if the skin is firmly attached and will not come off … On this picture on the right you can see abnormal feces. A healthy leopard gecko’s legs should be strong and come out underneath. Change the water daily and if you see any feces – remove them immediately. They shouldn’t have any bumps or bulges in their stomach. I wish I would have saw this sooner . She had a lump on her lower belly for constipation about 4 years ago and healed great. The right substrate can considerably improve your leopard gecko’s quality of life. As many of you leopard gecko owners know, it is easy to tell when your gecko is going to shed. Calcium is very important for sending nerve impulses. Show your leopard gecko to the vet because he or she will probably administer antibiotics to clear the infection. 15. Thank you soooooooo much! (Sorry for crappy pictures, my camera didnt want to … Steam cleaners can sanitize a vivarium and other surfaces with an up to 200 degree pressured steam. Again, this is a very difficult procedure and consultation with an expert should be made before attempting as damage can be done to the leopard's jaw if done incorrectly. Is it going to start to shed?Is it sick? When choosing a Leo, you can ensure it’s healthy by looking for 1) a tail that plump and fat, 2) no visible discharge around eyes, nose, or mouth regions, and 3) a vent that is clean and isn’t swollen. Yep, it’s rare but some females I believe were incubated at a higher temperature so they might have a temper and need to be housed alone. My leopard gecko has really dry skin on his nose and a little bit on his lip I need some help getting it off it’s been - Answered by a verified Reptile Expert. Keep in mind that some vets that care for animals like cats or dogs may be unaware that several meds used for mammals are toxic to reptiles!Step 2, Make sure the gecko's habitat is properly set up. Thanks from my son, Indy (the gecko), and me. At first I thought it was a small rash from shedding but now I see it's a cut and it's getting redder by the day. This is a symptom of MBD (, They should have all of their toes. Free shipping eligible Favorite Add to Leopard Gecko // A6 Print RDGshop $ 4.50.