Doesn't matter as much when using a brake like a vais because there are a lot more ports for venting the gasses i.e. American Precision Arms Gen II Micro Bastard Brake American Precision Arms. Joined Apr 21, 2018 Messages 145 Location California. The Blast Diverter has a slender and highly efficient muzzle brake that is threaded to accept the included screw-on 'shell' that, when attached, directs most of the muzzle blast and noise forwards! So i had my Smith thread my Benchmark barrel for a removable Gen II APA Micro Bastard muzzle brake hoping I would be able to enjoy some long-range shooting with minimal recoil during the summer and then remove the brake with a cresent wrench (as it is desgined) for hunting an not have the severe concussion if I need to make a quick shot without hearing protection. Commercial Supporter. Micro Bastard Sort by: Featured Items Newest Items Bestselling Alphabetical: A to Z Alphabetical: Z to A Avg. ; Recoil Reduction Results: Let’s get right to the meat! Gen 2 Micro Bastard Muzzle Brake . Not to mention, It’s not just another cast or printed part that the 3-gun market is flooded with. Write a Review × American Precision Arms (APA) APA: Gen 1 Micro Bastard Muzzle Brake - Stainless. Muzzle Brakes and More - Muzzle Brakes, Bolt and Barrel Fluting Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk . Product brand. I simply believe a muzzle brake is an often under-appreciated but critically important part of a rifle, and this new design offers innovative features – especially when it comes to helping you stay on target. GEN 1 MICRO BASTARD Product Information Product code: gen_2_micro_bastard-1 Category: Muzzle Brakes $ 125.00. Screws onto standard AR-15/M4/M16 ½" x 28 threaded barrels (with .223 / 5.56 bore). Joined Aug 13, 2016 Messages 1,624 Location The Woodlands, TX. $125.00. Compare … Cactus kid Senior Member. Thunder Beast. Centerfire 15 . APA Micro bastard Brake was conceived with sportier weight barrels in mind. American Precision Arms (APA) Out of Stock. Compare Compare Items. The Fat Bastard Muzzle Brake vs 338 Lapua - YouTube . Don’t let the name fool you. Gen 2 Micro Bastard Self Timing Muzzle Brake The Micro was conceived with sportier weight barrels in mind. Price. However, this brake has gained popularity in the “AR” market as it is both lighter and more effective then most every brake in the 3-gun world. Filter — Product categories. Home / Muzzle Brakes / GEN 1 MICRO BASTARD ‹ Return to Previous Page. My 300 WM has a muzzle brake. Thunder Beast. By using a muzzle brake, we were able to tame the monster 300 Norma Mag so that it felt more like a bare muzzle 308 or 6.5 Creedmoor. From: $315.00 ( In-Stock ) BUY NOW APA GEN 3 Little Bastard, .30Cal. Part Number: B-15. Name Email Required. Minuteman. The Micro Bastard is our smallest brake and is almost always underestimated. I am going to have the threads turned down. mtmuley . also run my Silencerco Omega direct thread on the same gun. $35.00. Home Muzzle Brakes. Each port has a threaded plug, which allows the shooter to adjust the muzzle brake's gas release to the gun's recoil profile. Joined Mar 2, 2012 Messages 4,102 Location North Central Wi. American Precision Arms - Micro Bastard Gen 2 Muzzle Brakes. Social. The original"bastard" line of muzzle brakes was designed by APA with one goal in mind, to be the most effective muzzle brake on the market. Works great. Minuteman. Reactions: Elkchaser24x7, OpenCountry, wyo and 2 others. THREAD SPEC Caliber. Thunder Beast T-Pro CB: Thread Protector for CB External Threads. Joined Jul 17, 2013 Messages 314. However, this brake has gained popularity in the “AR” market as it is both lighter and more effective than most every brake in the 3-gun world. Machined out of high quality steel, this brake is reliable. Thanks for all the input guys- Brakes are a new world for me. Quick view. Availability: In Stock. … Other Post in this Series. Add to cart. Joined Mar 5, 2017 Messages 585 Location Montana. I just ran a multi person test between a bare muzzle, Impact 2-port brake, 419 Hellfire, and the Gen 3 lil bastard yesterday on a 6x47 and 6 dasher. We were able to cut the recoil on a featherweight 308 Win to be much less than a hefty 6XC (roughly the same cartridge as a 243 Win). American Precision Arms (APA) Muzzle Brakes. Oct 5, 2018 #13 M. mtmuley Senior Member. Look at their gallery and notice none of the bastard brakes on the smaller profile barrels are turned down to barrel diameter. Filter by: Featured or then Sort by: Showing: 25 to 30 Per Page: Page: 1 2 3 . To help shooters decrease muzzle rise, it has eight tunable top ports. Also easier to install. APA: Gen 1 Micro Bastard Muzzle Brake - Stainless American Precision Arms (APA) $125.00) (No reviews yet) Write a Review. PX Member. It features a 4 port compact design with 8 tuning ports on the top. PX Member. APA: Gen 1 Micro Bastard Muzzle Brake - Stainless. The Gen 2 Series of brakes started where the Gen 1 left off, adding a separate nut allowing the brake to be self-timing. Bug Fix. The All new Gen 3 Little Bastard Brake from American Precision Arms is the most advanced muzzle brake on the market today. APA Micro bastard "the answer" Muzzle brake Straight fluted Bolt Fluted factory Bolt handle Area 419 20 MOA rail Zeiss V4 6-24x50 Zeiss scope rings w/level coming soon proof barrel 26" sendero lite 1-9twist in .277 . I would probably stick with the Hellfire if I already had them, as the difference was minimal. Last edited: Jul 21, 2014. Northland Shooters Supply offers American Precision Arms Gen II muzzle brakes and American Precision Arms Gen 3 Little Bastard muzzle brakes. Description; Customer Reviews; Product Information: Manufacturer: American Precision Arms (APA) Muzzle Brake Type: 224, 6.5, or 308; Thread Dimensions: 9/16X24 or 1/2X28(common for AR15) Recommended Muzzle … Jan 17, 2004 1,164 2 … From: $330.00 ( Out of Stock ) BUY NOW APA Gen II Micro Bastard, 30cal. APA Gen 2 Micro Bastard Self Timing Muzzle Brake $ 160.00. Barrel diameter at 22" should be .654-.660 and I was told I'll need to use 9/16 threads, but the only brake I've found is the gen I micro bastard. I put one on a 300 WSM factory Rem 700 sporter with no issues. Nov 19, 2009 601 13 38 Ohio. For a slim barrel there's the micro bastard … They are a directional self-timing muzzle brake which means you no longer need to use crush washers or have a gunsmith time your muzzle brake. Filter by price. From: $330.00 ( In-Stock ) BUY NOW APA GEN 3 Little Bastard, 6.5mm /.264 Cal. Your Price: $160.00. Thunder Beast 223CB: Muzzle Brake, 1/2x28 Thread . The Micro was conceived with sportier weight barrels in mind. This is just one of a whole series of posts related to this muzzle brake field test. Getting ready to order a bartlein 2b barrel and want to have a brake for range trips. Review Subject Required. Rating Required. There simply isn’t another brake of this size on the market today that will outperform this brake. No expert here, … W. Whit Sergeant. There are no crush washers, flat washers, or Loctite required. APA makes the Gen II micro bastard self timing in 1/2-28 .30 cal. The Gen II muzzle brakes were designed with one goal in mind. Quick view Out of Stock. Thread Size: Finish: Clear: Quantity: Quantity. Choose Options. These brakes make life much simpler. Comments Required. Quantity Add to Cart. The Micro was conceived with sportier weight barrels in mind. The Hellfire and Gen 3 LB are really close in terms of recoil reduction, but the Gen 3 LB controlled muzzle flip a hair better. Painkiller is worth a look also. Compare Compare Items. Quick view Add to Cart. Customer Review Price: Low to High Price: High to Low American Precision Arms - Gen 2 - Micro Bastard Muzzle Brake - Nitrided - .308 - 9/16x24 Colonel Mustard muzzle brake. $125.00. Muzzle Devices; Muzzle Devices. APA: Gen 1 Micro Bastard Muzzle Brake - Stainless. Oct 7, 2018 #23 OP . Holosun HS403B 2MOA Dot Only 20mm Micro Reflex Sight w/ Shake Awake; Vortex Prism Scope 1x-AR SPR-200; Vortex Venom 1x Red 6 MOA Red Dot ; Vortex Crossfire 2.0 MOA Red Dot Sight; Holosun HS510C Multi-Reticle Circle Dot Open Reflex Sight w/ Solar Failsafe, Shake Awake, and QD Mount - HS510C; Sightmark Mini Shot M-Spec FMS 3 MOA Dot; Sig Sauer ROMEO1PRO, 3 MOA, 1.0 MOA … Jul 21, 2014 #111 Jered, I asked Jodie when you get two GenII LB 5/8x24 in to let me know. Actions 8 ; AG Composites 2 ; Alpha Munitions Brass 4 ; Ammunition 25 . The most effective muzzle brakes on the market just got better! Here are links to the others: Field Test Overview & Line-Up: Overview of how the tests, what brakes were included, and which were caliber-specific. The Gen 3 Little Bastard muzzle brake solves APA's past issues with muzzle flip, also known as muzzle rise. Jered Joplin Gunny Sergeant. This post summarizes the eye-opening results for the massive muzzle brake field test I’ve worked on the past few months. Oct 5, 2018 #14 F. FlyGuy Senior Member. GEN 2 MICRO BASTARD. It included several objective tests to quantify the performance of 20+ muzzle brakes designed for precision rifles in 6mm through 30 caliber. When my technique isn't spot on and I fail to manage recoil properly the muzzle still jumps. The reason for this is when the bearing surface of the brake ports is reduced, the break becomes less effective. This allows you to fine tune how you and your rifle system mitigates recoil from compromised positions such as a barricade. Oct 7, 2018 #24 L. Lawnboi Senior Member. So how do you improve on one of the best muzzle brakes out there? APA wanted to bring our recoil reduction to those customers out there with currently threaded barrels. This brake can completely tame a 7 pound factory 7mm Magnum and takes all the punch out of calibers up to the 338 Ultra mag. APA GEN II Little Bastard, Stainless, 6.5mm / .264 Cal. Share | Email a friend. Oct 25, 2020 #882 CaliforniaMuley209 Senior Member.