Preventive Measures This means that individuals and commercial entities should not take steps that harm the environment. Electronics like television, speakers, earphones, etc should be played at low volume. It is available in just a few bucks hence proving to be an... 3. Different types of trees produce different quality of wood ... 25 + Types of Doors for Your Perfect House What is Door? This strategy has led to limited but significant reduction in urban sound levels. It is also a simple way of reducing the noise, especially from hard floors. If the machines are lubricated with oil from time to time, then friction between its movable parts is reduced. From airplanes to street sweepers to garbage trucks and more, urban dwellers face a sometimes chaotic auditory environment. Earplugs act as cut-off from the outside noise. Noise pollution also affects mental health. The link between pollution … High decibel sound affects marine life in the ocean. Electrical appliances should be turned off when not in use. “Wood is a material brought from the tree. Noise pollution can cause health problems for people and wildlife, both on land and in the sea. Earplugs act as cut-off from the outside noise. You can provide insulation to your home to reduce the noise. Meditation, yoga, or breathing exercise can calm the mind and prevent the side-effects of noise pollution. Research has proved that whales and other marine species are affected by this noise and they are even endangered. There are various strategies to curb roadway noise such as erecting sound barriers (noise barrier), limitation of vehicles speed, changes in the road surface, ban on heavy vehicles (heavy duty vehicles), traffic control measures that reduce the braking and acceleration, and change in tyre design for reducing vehicular noise. Awful noise can be canceled by this method. Installing wall partitions around the area susceptible to high noise can also help in reducing the noise to the other rooms. //-->. If that is the case, applicable measures can be taken to eliminate it. These sound blasts can damage the hearing ability of marine animals. A night of healthy and sound sleep can be enjoyed by wearing them. Plants also help in controlling noise pollution because they absorb high frequency sound waves. Do try to keep noise levels under 55 decibels during the day and 30 decibels after nightfall. In case of high-sound producing machines, we can go for sound-proof buildings and equip the staff handling these machines with sound absorber ear devices. Thus, planting trees along the … Even wooden flooring help in noise reduction, though they are not as effective as vinyl flooring. Reduce the playback time too. If a sound is being made that can damage those around it, distracting, or annoying, it is considered noise pollution. In fact, there is a provision to impose a fine of Rs one lakh or five years’ jail, or both, under the Environmental Protection Act, 1986, and Section 290 and 291 of the IPC. Here we have mentioned some of the best control measures that a person can use to eradicate the various types of noise pollution. Even if we do not realise, the deterioration in health takes place. Defects & Remedial Measure, House Construction Cost Calculator Excel Sheet Free Download, Building Estimation Excel Sheet - Full Quantity Calculation, How Long Should Concrete Cure Before Removing Forms. When oil or gas deposits are to be located in the depths of the ocean, tow devices like air guns release pulses of sound towards the ocean floor. If you are working in an industrial environment or noisy office, then you can go for these options. As our subconscious mind has accepted this noise to be normal, we need to pay extra attention to prevent the harmful effects caused by noise pollution. Does noise pollution only affect humans? The industries, if located nearby, produce sounds of generators, fans, and other machinery. Fly Ash Bricks vs Clay Bricks – Which is Better? There are so many households who worried about their energy use. A simple habit that we can follow is desisting from pressing the horn of our vehicles too frequently. While regulatory bodies and local governments and councils create laws, regulation and restrictions around noise pollution to protect nearby communities and workers on site, it's important for construction companies and workers to be conscious of their environment and the noises being emitted. These sound levels might even cause their death by haemorrhage in extreme conditions. Reduction in Mental Development of Children: Side Effects of Noise Pollution on Wildlife and Marine Life, Tree Plantation Around House to Cut the Outside Noise, TOP 14 TIPS TO PROTECT YOUR HOME FROM THEFT, FIRST HOME CHECKLIST – BEFORE YOU BUY (2020), 20 ESSENTIAL HOUSE CLEANING TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT WITH PRICE, TERMITES IN HOUSE? It induces irritation and annoyance in the person. Some sources are present around your home that causes noise pollution. Noise is typically regarded as a nuisance rather than a health hazard or safety issue, so noise issues are given lower priority. should be banned. When you are visiting a concert or show, stand at a greater distance from the speakers kept in the audience. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), of all the environmental pollution, noise is the easiest to control. Machines can be placed away from a house to help reduce noise exposure … In festive seasons, noise pollution is also caused by firecrackers, fireworks, loudspeakers, etc. Noise pollution control is a major challenge for those living in today’s urban environments. This can be effective when installed around the washing machine space or other such locations that produce a loud noise. Machines should be lubricated with oil at regular intervals. Hierarchy of noise control. If the noise levels exceed 140 dB, then hearing ability starts getting affected. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) focuses its resources on enforcing the state noise rules at facilities holding MPCA air permits. Washing machines, dishwashers, grinders, etc can be placed away from the study where a silent and peaceful atmosphere is needed. Wooden or laminate flooring reduces noise by just 6 %. Motor engines and other machines that produce noise should be structured in a way that they produce less sound. How to Control Noise Pollution at Home? The Central and state governments should launch massive awareness drives to make people aware about various ailments caused by noise pollution. The effect can be unsettling or even unhealthy in … Sometimes, it may seem contradictory, but it is a quite effective and budget-friendly solution to get rid of the bothersome sounds. Section 2 (a) of the Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981 states that noise is actually a part of air pollutant. 16.3.3 Noise Pollution. Reducing exposure to excessive noise in the workplace can be accomplished in … The standard approved noise level in industrial areas shall not exceed 90 decibel during the day. It is available in just a few bucks hence proving to be an effective solution. Earplugs:. Ltd. | 2017 All Rights Reserved. However, the Noise Control Act of 1972 and the Quiet Communities Act of 1978 were … Report the Breaking of Rules to Authority: 16. Even noise cancellation headphones can be used to avoid the loud outside noise. If you have been thinking about selling your property or house at some point in the near future, you’ll be ... With a period of time buildings' structural strength gets decreased or damages. These activities may include a washing machine, dishwashers, coolers, fans, vacuum cleaners, stereo, lawn movers, etc. These can also help with the insulation and reduces the heating and cooling bills. Wearing earplugs is a cost-effective solution for reducing noise pollution. World Health Organisation has commented that exposure to sound levels up to 70 decibels does not affect human health, no matter how long the exposure is. You can even place padding below the noisy equipment like blenders so that they can absorb the noise. Provide a fence around the boundaries of your home to cut-off external noise. Here, you should keep in mind that if you cannot hear what someone is saying beside you, then the volume is too high! The physical organs of children are under the development stage. Even yoga and breathing exercises may help. for this purpose. We can Reduce Noise pollution by turning off appliances when not in use, use of earplugs, lowering the volume, planting more trees, regular maintenance of vehicles and machines etc. Also, it helps in increasing the life of the machinery and also reduces its maintenance cost. The elevated sound of air traffic and the sound of aeroplane take-off and landing may also cause the noise of higher decibels. Hearing damage: Noise can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss. Practice them and find out what works out for your body and situation. Fencing can also be installed to reduce the sound waves and vibrations produced by it. Control at Receiver’s End: For people working in noisy installations, ear-protection aids like ear … Additionally, any type of unwanted noise is included in the noise pollution too. We have no other option but to take the threat of noise pollution in right earnest. Manufactured Sand What does Manufactured Sand (M-Sand) Mean? If noise is coming across a wall, erecting a bookshelf or cabinet on that wall may reduce the sound. This was found to be more effective than the Federal regulations. By spreading carpets, the noise produced due to walking can be absorbed up to 34 decibels. Here is a list is given below with the decibels; you can refer it: Read More: SOLAR ENERGY AT HOME | POWER YOUR HOME BY YOURSELF, Read More: 40+ WAYS TO SAVE ENERGY AT HOME. What is Noise Pollution and Measures to Control It? Noise Pollution Control Guidelines on Noise Pollution: 1. It can also reduce the electricity bills in your home. Nowadays, some commercial organizations and NGOs are taking up the responsibility of the development and maintenance of parks in urban areas which shows that more and more people are now environmentally conscious. You can achieve this even by hanging a simple wind chime. Since the menace of noise pollution is impacting the lives of humans and animals, so there is a need to take into consideration noise pollution control methods. Aircraft noise can be reduced to some extent by the design of quieter jet. Currently, he lends his professional expertise to several publications and websites in content planning, commissioning, writing, and editing. When they are left on, they constantly produce noise, even if it is not much audible. HOW TO GET RID OF TERMITE ATTRACT, HOW TO REMOVE STAIN FROM WOOD (TIPS & TRICKS). Being aware of the issues around us is the only effective way to tackle them and find a long term solution. Noise Pollution Control. Noise pollution can be checked at home by − Turning off sound-making appliances when they are not in use. Best Control Measures to Curb Noise Pollution. The exposure of workers to industrial noise has been addressed since 1930 in India. The standard approved noise level in residential areas shall not exceed 55 decibels during the day and 45 decibels at night. Read More: FURNISHING A NEW HOME CHECKLIST (15+ ESSENTIAL FURNITURE), Easy to implement steps under Budget after moving in the home, Read More: HOW TO IMPROVE INDOOR AIR QUALITY AT HOME (15 TIPS). Drilling works in the ocean, surveys carried out for the seismic purposes, SONAR devices, shipping vessels, etc produce loud sound in the oceans. (it will even save your electricity cost.). Use double-paned windows or apply weather-shedding to the windows. If cultural infrastructure like halls and auditoriums are present, then hustle-bustle by people and loud noise of music may also cause noise pollution. From the hand-woven rug to the fluffy rug, you can try out and consider where your preference lies. Keep the windows or doors near the street- closed. So plug in earbuds while sleeping if there is excessive noise in the environment. By controlling noise we can control negative health effects that noise pollution has on everyone. Read More: 25+ TIPS FOR ENERGY EFFICIENT HOMES (DIY). These changes include industrial equipment and shock mounting assemblies and putting up physical barriers at the workplace. Horns can be restricted if the street is very busy. Interferes with man’s communication: In a noisy area, communication severely affects. It teaches us to create a barrier to external noise. Loud noise can disturb too many people surrounding you. It depends on the intensity and duration of the sound level. In fact, they should come forward for the control of noise pollution created by humans. If you are tired of the noise of your nosy neighbors or the noise of people, you can keep the door shut. Also, prolonged usage of earplugs without ample care can cause the wax to accumulate or even cause an ear infection. If you are living in such areas where you are exposed to high noise levels, then you should take precautions to reduce the harmful effects of the noise. Do Check the Noise Levels at Regular Intervals: Measures to Reduce Noise Pollution at a Glance: 4. Medium to heavy trucks are 10–18 decibels (dB) louder than passenger cars [27]. You can complain about a noisy neighbour if he is not following the established rules to the respective government agencies. This not only reduces the noise but also helps with the electricity bills. The EPA phased out the office's funding in 1982 as part of a shift in federal noise control policy to transfer the primary responsibility of regulating noise to state and local governments. Because of noise pollution, human health is adversely affected. }); Copyright White Planet Technologies Pvt. Noise pollution affects blood pressure directly. Noise pollution simply means when there is a lot of noise in the environment which is consequentially harming the environment then it can be termed as noise pollution. You can cut off the unpleasant sounds by introducing soothing and pleasant sounds to reduce irritability. On 11-10-2002 govt brought in an amendment in the rules. Vinyl flooring can reduce noise levels to a great extent. Let’s also dedicate ourselves towards the plantation of more and more trees along the roads should as trees serve as good sound absorbers. Planting trees around your home can absorb the noise. How to Get Rid of Termite Attract, What is Varnish? It does not even cost... 2. The Noise Pollution Clearinghouse is a national non-profit organization with extensive online noise related resources. Put on Earplugs. Noise pollution control is therefore important in the workplace and in the community. SONAR devices can produce noise as loud as 235 dB that can travel hundreds of kilometres in the water. Canvas paintings can also help in reducing noise. A word of caution- do not push them too far inside the ear as it may damage the delicate eardrum otherwise. An important factor in implementing these strategies is the computer model for roadway noise which is capable of defining local climate, weather (meteorology), conducting traffic operations and hypothetical mitigation in noise pollution. For example, conducting awareness programmes on a vast scale to cover the length and breadth of the country. Noise can be defined as unwanted or undesired sound. They are different types of bricks used for ... What is Wood? Furniture if selected of proper quality helps in reducing the vibrations of sound and echoes. Installing wall panels can also help in cutting the noise. But not all panels serve the above purpose, so select the panel carefully. If people must be around loud sounds, they can protect their ears with hearing protection (e.g., ear plugs or ear muffs). Shut the door from which noise is penetrating in the room. target_type: 'mix' He was also a senior editor with Exchange4media group’s real estate magazine 'Realty Plus', and prior to that Consulting Editor with 'Geopolitics', a magazine on defence and strategic affairs. We need to put a stop to parties and religious functions that are held at high pitch all through the night, causing many to spend sleepless nights. Increasing noise pollution is very harmful for the health, efficiency and productivity of animals, organisms, flora etc. Honking in public places like teaching institutes, hospital, etc. Noise pollution is becoming an increasing threat to us. Furniture like lounge chairs, couches, cabinets, shelves, etc can serve this purpose besides providing a space for storage or seating. 2. Thus, the problem of noise pollution needs to be dealt with in right earnest. window._taboola = window._taboola || []; As per its directives, fireworks of prescribed sound level can be burst till 10 pm but no one will be allowed to burst crackers till 6 am. Also, maintenance cost increases too much after some time. Children living in areas with high levels of noise pollution may suffer from stress and other problems, such as impairments in memory and attention span. Air traffic causes serious interference with the avian animals- birds. And, this alters their natural behaviour. Noise Control Approaches An integrated noise policy should include several control procedures: measures to limit the noise at the source, noise control within the sound transmission path, protection at the receiver’s site, land-use planning, education and raising of public awareness. At a broader level,  the law prohibits any kind of noise pollution produced by scooter, car, bus horns,  DJ, loudspeaker, marriage band, or musical instruments played during public functions held in open space from 10 at night  until 6 in the morning. Avoid loud music from television, etc so that neighbours are not disturbed. The construction works in the vicinity may produce sounds like drilling and other heavy equipment. Do not leave the appliances on when not in use. If your home is nearer to a busy street, then you can negotiate with the authority to declare the particular area as no horn zone, if possible. Individuals can contribute in reduction of noise pollution by using low noise emitting machines and equipment. Noise pollution is defined as the excessive noise of a higher threshold for a prolonged period. But more effective laws and methods were brought by the state governments. He was a lecturer in a diploma engineering college for more than 3 years. Reducing noise pollution in the workplace. Here are some of the sources discussed below: Besides this, some of the household activities also induce noise pollution. Erect wall partitions to allocate separate spaces for noisy equipment. A pair … The continuous noise of cars, bikes, and other vehicles may make you so acquainted with it that you may not even notice. But if the people are determined they can force police action in such violations of the prescribed limits of sound and the time beyond which no noise is allowed to take place. Since the late 1960‟s noise pollution has become more prevalent, and is still a critically ignored issue within Alberta. Noise from ships and human activities in the ocean is harmful to whales and dolphins that depend on echolocation to survive. Rule 5: Restrictions on the use of loud speakers/public address system [and sound producing instruments] 8 1. Section 2(a) of the Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981, includes “noise” in the definition of what is considered as an ‘air pollutant’ with an implicit model of reference. The authority shall be responsible for the enforcement of noise pollution control measures and the due compliance of the ambient air quality standards in respect of noise. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});