By darlingrosexo Completed. Devastated to learn she's cost the Norton Hotel a very important guest, Billie does everything she can to woo the man back while also dealing with a bizarre meeting at her record label. Wanting Billie to be with Jamie instead of Layla, Harriet confesses to Billie that she switched the samples so she wasn’t related to them. The writing and execution of it is just brilliant as it gets straight to the point while other shows take their sweet time. Secret Daughter Book by: Shilpi Somaya Gowda Asha's Journey Birth Asha was born in 1985, a time in India where girls were frowned upon and not wanted or accepted. A perfect blend of the culture of India, and the trials of adoptions and inter cultural marriage. Mauboy contributed covers of well known songs for the series along with a number of originally written songs. She even tries to use Harriet’s part of the fortune to get the hotel to herself as Harriet isn’t allowed to use the money until she turns 18. The Secret Daughter “The longest-run show I’ve ever worked on was McLeod’s Daughters, the last big filmed show ever done in this country. The performances of Paul Schneider and Odessa Young will draw you inside the labyrinth of this story and their characters, as the cinematography and score keep you … He becomes protective over Billie when the record label tries to change her image. Jack is quickly caught up in a complex web of powerful vested interests that stretches from his home town of Fitzroy to a remote village in the Philippines. When Billie learns she’s the daughter of wealthy hotel owner, Jack Norton, Gus is forced to tell her the truth that her mother was two months pregnant with her when they met. In this breakdown, we meet the characters and talk the themes, music and the secrets that makes the series such an Australian treasure. After fifteen years of marriage, the lives of Greg and Em Butler and their two daughters change when Em returns to work, Greg is made redundant and his brother Brad moves in. Let’s take a look at those secrets. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Embed Story Share via Email Read New Reading List. Across two seasons, there have been a half a dozen secrets. The titular character, Billie lives a quiet life in a small country town with her widowed father, Gus. He comes to love his new sister and often goes to her for advice. Created by Kristen Dunphy, Fin Edquist, Sam Meikle. Mauboy should stick to her POP music & altho she is only an average musician it is a heck of a lot better than her acting in this soap series. Nothing says Australia like a classic Australian song. The Secret Daughter covers a vast array of themes ranging from: • Friendship • Family • Romance • Music • Rivalry • Hidden Secrets. More News . 3 years ago | 3.2K views. Of the Norton kids, Jamie is closest to Billie followed by Harriet and then Chris. She is often Billie’s voice of reason, especially when it comes to Gus’s stuff ups. The Secret Daughter S02E01. The widowed father of Billie and the widower of Ruby, Augustus Carter, best known as ‘Gus’ to everyone and ‘Gussy’ to Layla, Gus finds trouble wherever he goes. Add the first question. Seen as manipulative and scheming, Susan believed that upon Jack’s death, she would receive half of his fortune while Chris, Jamie and Harriet got the other half. The Secret Daughter : by Shilpi Somaya Gowda: PBR Book Review: A heartwarming story that is thought provoking and engrossing. A wealthy London housewife is forced to return to her hometown in Australia, where she's forced to confront her past and the reasons that caused her to leave years ago. Fun-loving and willing to take a risk when it comes Billie’s happiness, Gus will often go a step too far and find himself becoming the target of the police or the local thugs. With Jess Mauboy in the titular role, she played a massive role in the music side of the series as well, producing two soundtracks for the show. Yet Secret Daughter is uneven. A former criminal lawyer is getting his life back together and now spends his days as a part-time investigator, debt collector, apprentice cabinet maker, punter and finding those who don't ... See full summary ». Out of the goodness of her heart, Harriet shares some of her favourite moments she shared with Jack with Billie and learns that Billie gives the same type of hugs as their dad once did. The Secret Daughter. Finding herself in hot water with the local hood, Billie pretends to be the secret daughter of Jack Norton in order to escape town, which suddenly lands her in the middle of a grieving family. The eldest of Jack’s four children and the eldest son of the two he had during his first marriage, Chris is the stiff neck, businessman of the family who focuses solely on the family business. The Secret Daughter: episode guide. Use the HTML below. Lila doesn't just want to be a Firework-Maker's daughter, she wants to be a Firework Maker herself. With Jessica Mauboy, Matt Levett, David Field, Rachel Gordon. Jack is engaged to find a missing person, only to be later framed for his murder. A feel-good drama which explores the very different Australian worlds of 'the haves' and 'the have nots', The Secret Daughter is full of heart, humour, romance and plenty of music. These feelings return when Harriet announces they weren’t related. The opening act of this drama introduces a lot of players, but the central character is Billie (Jessica Mauboy) a country pub singer with a reckless father Gus (David Field) who owes money to a trio of local hoods, led by Bruno Rossi (Salvatore Coco). At first glance this looked like a very good Australian drama series but it has been spoiled by being so chaotic in it's presentation. Due to Billie’s friendship with Layla, Gus loves Layla like his own daughter and sees her as a surrogate sister to Billie. When she finds a prenup agreement with her mother’s name on it, Harriet confronts her mother calling her ‘a monster’ for wanting the family hotel to herself. Billie also hates secrets which is evident when Gus reveals to her that he isn’t her biological father. After reconnecting with her mother’s side of the family, Billie returns to the city finally knowing that she is Jack Norton’s secret daughter. Kind, thoughtful and tough, Billie will do anything to make amends with everyone even if there are repercussions. Working two jobs at a bakery and as a pub singer, Billie is content with her life until she hits Jack Norton (Colin Friels) with her car. As time goes on, Chris finds himself falling for head chief, Vivienne (Renee Lim). Secret Daughter, a first novel by Shilpi Somaya Gowda, explores powerfully and poignantly the emotional terrain of motherhood, loss, identity, and love through the experiences of two families—one Indian, one American—and the child that binds them together. Here are some of the lessons that I picked up while viewing the series: The Secret Daughter is a brilliantly crafted drama series with a lot of charm. The Secret Daughter S02E01. Since childhood, Billie has been best friends and surrogate sisters with Layla Chapple, the daughter of Gus’s doctor, Wendy. If you love music, Australian music in particular, you will love this series as much as I do. The most potent theme throughout Erika L. Sánchez’s I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter is that of secrets and lies.