Topics explored include classes, inheritance, polymorphism, interfaces, database access, extensible markup language, and network programming. Some programs require a student to complete a portion of their degree plan off-campus. 2020-2021 Davenport University Game Design Application Instructions (DU Students Only) Career Preparation Center Program List. This course is a good elective choice for those students interested in teaching. View a full list of those programs and courses, All content © 2021 Davenport University - Grand Rapids, Michigan, Site by MINDSCAPE & Rapid Development Group. • All PHYS prefixed courses required for the BS Biological Sciences degree program require a C or better grade for successful completion. Find Introduction to Game Design at Davenport University-Saginaw Location (Davenport University-Saginaw Location), along with other Arts and Humanities in Saginaw, Michigan. Topics will include advanced design and architecture, creation of 3D game and simulation development, and interactive virtual environments. All of your college tours will blend, and you might forget the appearance of Davenport University's library, dorms, or cafeteria. Review: Earning a Computer Science major means you’ll learn the algorithmic and theoretical foundations of … Virtual Tour. Recommended Prerequisite(s): CISP100, This course will cover the conventional models and methodologies of computer game design and development. Computer Science Bachelor of Science | 120 CreditsOur computer science program is designed to introduce students to topics ranging from algorithmic and applied theoretical foundations to cutting-edge developments in areas such as computer vision, artificial intelligence, modeling and simulation. Co-requisite(s): PHYS100L (This course is required for all new business and technology students, except those transferring with 30 or more semester credits.) Prerequisite(s): Junior status, CSCI260 and either CSCI232, CSCI234, or CSCI239; minimum 2.5 cumulative grade point average and 2.7 in the major. Online sections will be charged an $85.00 ebook fee. Find Introduction to Game Design at Davenport University-Battle Creek Location (Davenport University-Battle Creek Location), along with other Computer Science in Battle Creek, Michigan. ACES100 - This course presents the skills needed for university success and initiates students to career planning and development. The Top 3 Online Game Design Bachelor's Programs for 2019 are: 1) George Mason University; 2) University of Cincinnati; 3) University of Baltimore. Stand out from your competition for jobs with a computer science degree that prepares you for C# computer science certifications. TECH489 - This course provides students the opportunity to apply discipline-related knowledge through live, field-based projects with organizational clients from diverse industries and sectors, including entrepreneurs, small businesses, and non-profit organizations, among others. Tuition: $21,310 #8 Davenport University Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a specialty in Gaming and Simulation. Prerequisite(s): CISP247, This course investigates operating system structure and design. We will explore various fundamental topics in the field typically including image formation, edge detection, segmentation and background subtraction. Davenport University is a regionally accredited private nonprofit university. Topics include elementary logic and set theory, functions and relations, induction and recursion, elementary algorithm analysis, counting techniques, and introduction to computability. Prerequisite(s): Senior status and minimum GPA of 2.3. Special emphasis will be placed on active learning and understanding the youth experience in a multicultural environment. Steve Bacinski has been teaching mathematics and statistics at Davenport University since 2007. Topics include complexity management, concurrency, protocols, security, performance, networking, reliability, fault-tolerance, and middleware. The students critically assess the current and future impacts of issues, payoffs, dangers, and paradoxes of people's choices about the global issues while emphasizing an institutional approach to resolving global problems. Davenport University’s Virtual Bytes Summer Camp is for high school and transfer students considering turning their love of technology into a career—or students who just love tech and want to get hands-on experience building something of their own. Those applications to programming (e.g., 3-D game design, simulation, and biometric security) will serve as context throughout the course. At Davenport University, the disparity between men and women on campus is lower than the national average. Davenport University BS Computer Game Design and Simulation. Here’s what the future of video game development looks like. Finally, students exhibit the skills and tools necessary to construct, organize, and deliver effective speeches. Find Game Design and Development Capstone at Davenport University-Battle Creek Location (Davenport University-Battle Creek Location), along with other Physical Science and Engineering in Battle Creek, Michigan. This class will introduce students to chemistry concepts, cell and tissues studies, and the structure and function of various organ … The undergraduate population is comprised of 2,369 males and 2,960 females. There will be job growth for these professionals, although outsourcing may have a negative effect. Prerequisite(s): CSCI231 and CSCI258, This course will extend the concepts learned and applied in Game Design (CISP335) to the 3D environment. Methods for quantitative and qualitative analyses of physical properties will be introduced. Students learn fundamental programming concepts including structured programming, operations on data and decision-making, looping, recursion, pointers, scope and class of variables strings, numeric arrays, sorting, and an introduction to data structures. As someone who chooses to major in computer science, you may qualify for full-tuition CyberCorps Scholarship for Service (SFS) through the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Cyber Scholarship Program (CySP) through the Department of Defense (DoD). Those applications to programming (e.g., 3-D game design, simulation, and biometric security) will serve as context throughout the course. In this course students will learn about the historical evolution of multicultural education through exposure to key concepts as well as theoretical models from both research and practical perspectives. Earn an online degree in computer science through Davenport University’s innovative Global Campus. (2 contact hours) In addition to 30 hours of class work, students perform a minimum of 60 hours of service. Students will learn strategies and tools that incorporate knowledge of culture in the development of effective classroom management and teaching practices. The computational complexity of classic searching and sorting algorithms will also be investigated. Please call us at 800.686.1600 or email us at Prerequisite(s): CISP111 and MATH130, MATH135 or MATH150, This course focuses on fundamentals of data communications systems and networks.